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Save Money by Skipping the Refurb

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

When planning your home renovation project, including a kitchen renovation during the project may seem like a cost-effective way to make your kitchen feel like new again. However, the effort and money spent on a kitchen refurbish could equal 60%-70% to that of a brand-new kitchen remodel.

Products that were originally used in the era that your kitchen was constructed are now outdated and no longer available. This creates lots of needed customizations in order to preserve the original look of the build. That adds to the cost instead of saving you money.

Instead of refurbishing, save money by buying factory pre-finished products that you can customize to your exact specifications. Having them installed in a modern updated configuration will always be a better return on your home improvement investment, especially when you consider that the infrastructure supporting your kitchen has been updated to modern code standards.

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