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What our valued clients had to say...

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After contemplating home improvements for many years, Greg and I  finally took the leap into upgrading our 1992 split level  home.  What started as a discussion about updating, turned into a whole home renovation.  Our goals with the project were to maximize our incredible views,  improve the layout and update the interior to ensure a more cohesive and consistent look.


I had many fears going into this project initially--specifically finding someone who is trustworthy, has the knowledge and skills, and can deliver results.  Most concerning were the many Contractor horror stories I had heard from family and friends.   Who should you trust to work on one of your most valuable assets?  I'm happy to say that when you work with Kyle Nevins and his entire team with Evergreen Craftsmen, you can set those fears aside.

We were introduced by our designer to Kyle Nevins early in 2021.  We were impressed with Kyle from our first meeting because he had studied our planset meticulously before our meeting and was able to talk about the details of our project and what it would take.


We had been told that General Contractors in this market will likely not spend time putting a bid together--but rather just give you a rough guess.  This was not acceptable to us, so we knew it could be a challenge to get an estimate.  


This is where Kyle really impressed us.  Kyle put weeks into creating a very detailed bid for our project.  And beyond the bid, we appreciated his approach to handling the financial side of our project.  He is very transparent and knowledgeable about what things cost and how to get things done in the most cost effective manner.  His transparency is demonstrated by the shared access to his online tools and tracking system.  As a client you have the ability to be as involved as you like in tracking costs on every aspect of your project...line item by line item.  When you work with Kyle, you know you are working with someone who is honest and trustworthy. 


Once our project was ready to begin (Oct, 2021)....We were able to meet the entire ECC team.  Kyle has maintained the same team for many years, which I believe is a testament to his leadership.  Everyone we worked with at ECC demonstrated such deep knowledge, professionalism and skill. 


We had a great experience during the building phase of the project.  The quality of the work and attention to detail were top notch.  The work was continuous, never dropping our project to work on another for extended periods of time.  There were delays at times, however these were usually related to changes we needed to make on the fly.   Changes were handled professionally and as quickly as possible--ECC always ensured they delivered on our requests.


The results, in a word, STUNNING.   What I love the most is everything!  But if I had to choose, I would tell you my favorite elements are:

-The extremely large windows opening up our house to incredible views all day long.  

-Adding a  covered front deck

--Previously small unusable space due to the sun--now great indoor/outdoor living space.

-My beautiful spa-like Master bath,

-The custom designed floating staircase-A work of art.  I know longer have a bulky staircase wasting space in the middle of our living area.


I highly recommend Kyle Nevins  and the entire team that works together at Evergreen Craftsmen.  They took our plans and delivered results beyond what we imagined possible.

-Sue & Greg Anderson
Evergreen, CO

We have had several jobs, large and small, done by ECC and have been extremely happy with their work and work ethic. The number one, most important thing to me has been that I can call anytime, during a job or after completion, and Kyle will address any questions or concerns.


They stand behind their subcontractors and I don’t have to chase anyone down.  If they say they will be there, they will be. I know the job will be done properly and this takes a lot of the stress of a renovation away. 


Everyone is always nice and courteous.  We have one more phase left to our house renovations and ECC is the company that will be there to complete it.

"We were introduced to Kyle Nevins with Evergreen Craftsmen Collective in 2021. He immediately made us comfortable with his professionalism, despite us being new to the area and not having any common connection to him or his business.


The scope of our remodel included finishing out 2 large areas downstairs into a gym and bunk room, as well as putting in a new full bathroom. Kyle was thorough about walking us through the design, timeline, scope and expected budget for the project. More importantly, he met the deadlines set forth with one small exception that was out of our hands  (supply chain issues in 2021).


Kyle was communicative, clear, and incredibly easy to work with. His subcontractors were polite, hard-working and respectful. We have done a total of 5 remodels in 5 houses over the last 25 years, and he has ABSOLUTELY been the best to work with. In an industry that often gets complaints from homeowners, there is not a single complaint for us with ECC and Kyle! We have no reservations about contacting him for our next project!"

-Ellen and Pryse Elam 
Pine, CO

We have undertaken an addition of a garage, extended hallway and mudroom as a single project in combination with renovating about 70% of our home. From the time we first spoke to Kyle in early summer 2021, we found him to be responsive, engaged, courteous and detail oriented.


He worked with us on the plans and helped us optimize our ideas into planning decisions. His experience and advice with the agencies proved important with obtaining the Permits. The estimate was prepared in detail along with the contract and has proven to be of impressive accuracy. Once the work started in April 2022, Kyle met with us regularly to discuss progress, plans and revisions.


We found the ECC team to be skilled and caring about what they do. Some of the work required real craftsmanship and we are very satisfied with the result. Unplanned items of discovery were dealt with as they arose with a problem solving mindset, mistakes were openly identified and corrected in a fair manner. Subcontractors were brought in at appropriate times and were generally well selected and managed often with obviously cooperative relationships built up over many projects.


Overall, the experience has been very positive and from our experience Kyle and the ECC team can be relied upon for intelligent high quality work conducted with integrity and fairness.

-Tim & Diane Ziman
Evergreen, CO

Evergreen Craftsman Collective recently completed a complete renovation to my Bathroom. Kyle and his team provided the kind of craftsmanship worthy of the company name. 

Tear out, sheet rock, custom plaster, electrical, cabinets, fixtures, tile work, carpentry, paint and staining, heated floors, consulting. The complete project was done on time and with quality workmanship. Kyle and team take pride in the work they do. They treated my house with the care they would their own.

Kyle also acted as team leader on my kitchen remodel a few years earlier. Kyle really had a chance to show off his carpentry and leadership skills . The same crew of great guys created an amazing kitchen. 

When I balance cost/value , quality, reliability, Kyle and team is the team.

-Scott D.
Evergreen, CO
-Sue Saltalamacchia
Evergreen, CO
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